Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace Entry Fee , Visit Timings, location, History

Brife History Sajjangarh

If you have come to Udaipur and did not see the Fort Fort of Sajjangarh, known as the Monsoon Palace, it is believed that the first drop of rain knocks in the fort is the attraction of Udaipur.

Situated on the famous Bandhara Mountain of Udaipur or the Fort of Sajjangarh or the Monsoon Palace belongs to the Mewar dynasty. Which was constructed by Rana Sajjan Singh in about 1884 A.D., who ruled Mewar for quite some time. The palace is characterized by an altitude of about 944 meters above sea level. Considered one of the tourist destinations of Udaipur, the king of Mewar was due to spend the summer time. That’s why this fort is also called the Monsoon Palace

The fort was built by Sajjan ji but died before the construction was completed. Due to which the entire construction of monsoon balance by his successor Fateh Singh was completed during his period.

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace Entry Fee

  • The entry fee of Sajjangarh Palace varies from Indian to foreign country.
  • The charge for Indian citizen is ₹ 80 .
  • Sajjangarh for foreign nationals is ₹ 150 per person for entry.

Sajjangarh palace Timing

09:00 am – 06:00 pm Every day

Sajjangarh palce Contact Number: 0294-2402812

About the architecture of the Monsoon Palace.

Talk this palace is made of white marble in the architectural art of the Gentleman’s Palace. There are many huge domes to see in this fort. There are many rooms and rooms along with the steps, which have been beautifully carved, and the beautiful agitated architectural art can also be seen inside the palace.

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