Udaipur to mout abu

Udaipur To Mount Abu 5 ways to reach

Udaipur To Mount Abu 5 ways to reach

1 Bus3h 45mint400 rs
2Fast TEXI 1h 40mint3000 rs
3BUS + TEXI3h 40mint 1900 rs
4BIKE4h 15 mint1800 rs
5 BUS + BIKE 4 h 00mint 2000 rs

Udaipur To Mount Abu Distance

The total distance from Udaipur to Mount Abu is 163 kilometers, which can be completed in a minimum of 3 hours.

 Best time to visit Mount Abu

Well, if you go to Mount Abu in any season, there is always a pleasant weather, but to enjoy the views more, the best time of Mount Abu is considered to be between November to March, this time the climate here is excellent. In the year.

Udaipur To Mount Abu MAP

TOP 5 Best View in Mout Abu


Mount Abu is known as the hill station of Rajasthan, here, the sunset point is very important place between the calm environment and the high hills, if you go to mount and do not see the sunset point, then as if something important misses the mount, Must see the Sunset point of Mount Abu. Here, at the time of the most important sunset point, as if the sun appears in such a beautiful way as if the sun is sinking nearby.
Mount Abu, surrounded by lush green forests, is a beautiful place to visit for both romantic and ordinary tourists.

Udaipur To Mount Abu 
sunset point mout abu
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UDAIPUR TO MOUT ABU , If you are going to visit then this is a place where people come to have a honeymoon because it is also one of the high altitude where people come to visit, the atmosphere is cool in summer. Due to which this environment is similar to Kashmir.

Mount Abu is the most popular sun set point for tourism where couples go and enjoy the atmosphere at this place. There are views which you never thought of sun at sunset outside the Aravalli ranges here at sunset. The sight of the rays attracts tourists very much, the climate here is very pleasant, there is a better place to visit any nature.


Histry One of the places that will give you peace in Mount Abu is the Guru Shikhar, this place is about 16 kilometers from Mount Abu, it is considered the highest peak of Aravali. It is 1722 meters above sea level.

Today we will give you information about Guru Shikhar because Guru Shikhar is a delightful place of Mount Abu where you must go. Initially Guru Shikhar was called Sikar because it was named after Guru Datratare who is said to be a monk who lived on this peak in the day and Lord Brahma Vishnu as the incarnation of Shiva. Is considered An observatory has also been constructed to see a special celestial body of Guru Shikhar ISRO, whose work was completed in 1994.

guru shiker

There are many things near Guru Shikhar
Guru Shikhar such as the breathtaking sunrise which is the most delightful Mount Abu attraction. There is a good arrangement for eating and drinking around it, where you can have delicious tea snacks anytime during the day. The photography here is also a center of great attraction.
The temple of Guru Datratare , considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu , Brahma and Shiva for walking around Guru Shikhar is situated around it, Chamunda Mata , Shiva Temple and Meera Temple are also located in Mt.

There is an observatory in Abu which is importan . There is also a Shanti Pak which is located almost right near Guru Shikhar which remains a center of tourist attraction .


gomuk mout abu
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If you are going to visit Mount from Udaipur, then Gomukh Temple situated about 1 kilometer from the city in Mount, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is very grand and visible. The main reason for seeing this place is that there are 700 stairs here, which you can descend and see. Or the temple is situated in a dense forest.

It is believed that the origin of the Rajput dynasty here is believed by Vashistha of the Guru here in the complete mythology that the place of origin of Rajputs is considered to be Gomukh. It is known from the stories of Ramayana that Lord Shri Rama and Lakshman ji attained enlightenment at this place during their exile, they came here and received the blessings of Guru Vashistha here.


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Nakki Lake, situated on the hills of Mount Abu Aravali, is a very delightful and impressive lake. It is considered to be the most attractive center of Mount Abu due to its height. Your victory is India’s first man-made prison with a depth of 11000 meters and a width of 1 mile.

Now this lake located in the center is also navigated. There is also a system of voting in Babu’s blowing winds and temperature, in which you can sit and enjoy the lake. It is also a very beautiful place for photography enthusiasts.


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